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Battery Rocks - my hometown swim spot!

I'm Megan, and this is Mermaid in the City, a blog for anybody who loves the water or seeks adventure in nature. As well as swimming wild, I'm also a keen hiker, surfer and paddleboarder, in fact I will do anything that gets me in to the water more!
I'm from Cornwall but based in London and often feel trapped by this, a bit like a mermaid stuck in the city, but it is this that has spurred me on to travel more, seeking out wild (or sometimes not so wild) places to swim. I'm not much of a swimmer really, my front crawl is as sophisticated as a two year old at a dinner party and I'm often a head above the water kind of girl, but what I love about wild swimming is the complete submersion in nature. It's one thing to hike up a mountain and look at the lake, but it's a different experience entirely to swim in the lake and feel the cold water and the reeds beneath your toes.

Anyway enough about myself... check out the blog and if you enjoy it or end up visiting any of these places yourself then let me know! Enjoy :)

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  1. Love your blog, you really sound like a water baby, well mermaid, love your pictures, and adventures!Meagan !👍


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